Department of Music has existed since New Bulgarian University was founded. The creative performances and studies of the department are in the field of musical and stage genres: classical

music, popular music, opera, ballet, folklore, as well as in the sphere of artistic practice and integration of music into the new computer technologies.


Since the very first semester the students of music programs have the opportunity of creative performances on professional stage in classical music, opera singing, jazz, pop, rock and folklore genres.


The department has developed and introduced training in opera and ballet directing, computer systems in music:  computer music composing, classical and jazz guitar, dancing art, musical management and producing.


The cooperation of Music Department with Bulgarian and international organizations ensures the up-to-date exchange of knowledge and ideas in the field of modern musical art.


Some of the significant activities of the Department are: A scientific conference for PhD students  and post-doctoral fellows with international participation ’Young scientific forum of music and dance’ – a scientific periodical journal,  NBU Academic Orchestra’ Orpheus’, International Summer Musical Jazz Academy; concerts and seminars of performance artistry with the participation of prominent musicians  from Europe,  regular seminars ‘Musical Sub-horizons’ and ‘Culture and Music’; opera, musical and concert performances in Sofia and in Bulgaria.




Department of Music has developed a Bachelor Program ‘Music’; Master programs ‘Musical  Performance’ in Bulgarian and in English, ‘Dancing Art’, ‘Sound Engineer’;  doctoral program ‘Music’ which  includes the first of its kind in Bulgaria module  performance artistry of the doctoral students.


Master classes in the field of musical art at New Bulgarian University are conducted by: Prof.Raina Kabaivanska (opera singing), Prof.Milcho Leviev (jazz and improvisation), Vicki Almazidu (pop and jazz vocal performance); Prof.Lyudmil Angelov (piano), Prof.Suzanna Klincharova (harp) (link).


Many other famous musicians from Europe and the USA, who also conduct seminars and teach classes at NBU, are invited every year.


Notable artists teach classes at the Department of Music amongst which are Honorary Professor Prof.Mario Hose, PhD, Lyudmil Angelov, Stefan Dragostinov; Honorary Doctor of NBU Prof Raina Kabaivanska, Prof.Milcho Leviev, Prof.Dr.Rainer Bischof(Austria), Prof.Michael Frischenschlanger (Austria). Among the eminent lecturers of the music programs are Prof.Yavor Konov, PhD., Prof.Elisaveta Valchivova-Chendova, PhD.,Assoc.Prof.Etienne Levi, PhD, Angel Zaberski,PhD Camellia Todorova and others.

The Department of Music at NBU participates as a partner in the European Programme Erasmus+ project "Enhancing the digital competencies and entrepreneurship skills of academic musicians in Serbia for culturally more engaged society /DEMUSIS". Nine institutions participate in the project: University of Arts in Belgrade, UAB; University of Novi Sad, UNS; Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac, UNIKG; University of Arts The Hague – Royal Conservatoire RC; New Bulgarian University, NBU; Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre Vilnius, Lithuania, LMTA; National Broadcasting Company of Serbia (Radio-Television Serbia), RTS; EIPIX; Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Brussels, AEC. The role of NBU (as Rartner 5) will be to support the development of digital competences of music students and lecturers from the three academies in Serbia. NBU (P5) will participate in work programmes 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. It will host visiting lecturers from Serbia for assessment and training related to the development of their digital competencies. Key staff with expertise in the integration of music into new computing technologies will visit the three educational institutions in Serbia to teach intensive courses on music digitization, including the Moodle platform in music research and education, sound engineering, audio software, etc. The experience of the NBU academics will facilitate the implementation of an online learning platform and courses in Serbia. NBU will be an active participant in the quality control procedures and dissemination.


The Department of Music at New Bulgarian University is a full member of the European Association of Conservatoires, Music Academies and Universities for Music Education.


Department Chair
Prof. Milena Shushulova, PhD
Building 1, Room 504
tel.: 02/8110 505, 02/8110 555
e-mail: mshushulova@nbu.bg


Alie Bayraktar
Building 1, Room 504А
Tel.: 02/8110 505
e-mail: abayraktar@nbu.bg