Department Chair

Prof. Milena Shushulova, Ph.D.


Milena Shusholova-Pavlova has a PhD in Musicology and Music Art and she is an Associate Professor of piano at New Bulgarian University. She has been the Head of Department of Music since January 2009. She graduated with honors from the National Music School ‘Lyubomir Pipkov’in Sofia and the Instrumental Faculty of the National Music Academy ‘Prof.Pancho Vladigerov’, specialty ‘piano’ – pedagogical and performance profile. She has many years of experience as a teacher, accompanist and performer of chamber music.

She began working as a piano teacher. From 1986 to 1996 she was the pianist of the Radio Choir at BNR in Sofia; during the period 1987 – 2000 she worked at the NMA ‘Pancho Vladigerov’ in Theory and Composition Faculty. Since 2001 she has been teaching piano in the musical programs at NBU, since December 2002 she has been an administrative director of educational Bachelor and Master programs. She has initiated the development, organization and launch of new programs at New Bulgarian University.

She has had a number of concerts with the Radio Choir, solo concerts and performances in Bulgaria Hall and the National Palace of Culture; Bulgarian National Radio – Studio 1; National Opera; memorial ‘Al.Nevski’ ; in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna Pleven Veliko Tarnovo, etc. ; concert tours in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Finland, England, France, Wales, etc.; performance on CD and multiple entries in Radio Sofia and Bulgarian National Television.

In the recent years she has worked actively in the field of musicology and piano pedagogy, issuing in cooperation with a team, a collection in four parts with piano pieces for beginners and less advanced ‘Piano Studio’ (I, II, III, IV parts); several articles in the magazine ‘Musical Horizons’; participates with reports in conferences; in projects with students and teachers of NBU; her monographs: ‘The theoretical Heritage of Andrei Stoyanov. Sources. Aspects. Projections’, (Asconi-issue, Sofia, 2007) and ‘Bulgarian composer visions of hearing education in the utilization of starting piano skills’ ( plays, written and published during the 90 years of the twentieth century. (Musical Society ‘Vassil Stefanov’ and Asconi-issue, Sofia, 2006) are preferred by the Library of Congress in Washington, the National Library in Paris, the Russian State Library in Moscow, the National Library in St.Petersburg, the University Library in Seattle.

Since 2003 she has been a member of the society’ Educators-musicians’ to the Union of Musicians and Dancers, and since 2009 – its Chairperson. Since 2005 she has been a member of the Union of Bulgarian Composers, section ‘Musicologists’. She also participates in jury children’s piano performances. Prof. Shushulova is the Chairperson of the Competition ‘Orpheus gift’. Together with Prof.Dimitar Hristov, Dr.Sc she is the initiator and organizer of the conference with international participation of PhD students. She manages and is in the Editorial Board of the periodical scientific journal of the department ‘Music’ – ‘Young scientific forum of music and dance’’. She also participates in the Organizing Committee of the festival-competition ‘With the wings of music’, organized by UBMD.


Contact information:
Building 1, Office 504 A
Tel: 02/8110 504
e-mail: mshushulova@nbu.bg , mshushulova@gmail.com